Let’s go to Italy together.

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La Pieve di Santa Maria ad Arezzo

We’ll escape to Italy, together.

Imagine arriving to Arezzo for the first time, your medieval home for the next few months under the cover of darkness. When you awake for the first time and peek out of the 11th century monastery window out across the town you see clay tile roofs dusted in snow. Suddenly the still of morning erupts with a deafening clamor of church bells in every direction marking the hour.

After a simple breakfast you descend with friends to the street and find yourself walled in by medieval buildings on a street that hasn’t changed in a millennium. As you approach the Corso d’Italia you find yourself dwarfed by the looming facade and bell tower of the Santa Maria della Pieve.

It’s¬†a most beautiful paradox of intricate Romanesque columns located in the most unlikely place in the city. It’s stood for over 900 years and that’s when it hits you. This place is really somewhere special.

I can’t wait to share my¬†experiences with you.

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