Videos of the Model Trains at the Garden Factory at Night

This time of year the Garden Factory assembles its massive train display from around Thanksgiving to Christmas. Every day, the large G-gauge trains roar to life and crawl, race or chug around the massive display, entertaining kids of all ages. I include myself in this group because I am a huge train buff and I still own many model trains that I’ll hopefully put back in motion someday soon.

Most people see these trains during the day, but there is a much more intimate and magical time to experience the railroad display.

The Trains by Night

Last Friday I returned to the display after dark and spent two hours with the trains. I captured almost a half hour of high-definition footage of a handful of trains from every angle. The whole layout is softly lit from above to simulate a full moon. Miniature lights illuminate buildings, street lamps and billboards, and an incredible drive in theatre display glows brightly.

Experience the Magic of a G Scale Gold Train

This video follows the gold mining train as it departs the town, scales a mountain, crosses a long trestle, and enters a tunnel. The train reappears briefly before dashing back into the mountainside, later to reemerge back in town moments later.