Ryan’s Senior Portraits at Genesee Valley Park in the Fall

Fall is one of my favorite times of year for all kinds of landscape photography, but it turns out to be a great time for portrait photography as well. In Rochester, most of the trees look the same from late spring to early fall, but for a brief time in the fall, the trees erupt with color and beautiful backdrops are all over. I’m pleased to share with you some of my photos with Ryan from this fall.

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A Slice of Designed Nature in Chicago

A large, crowded, and unfamiliar city can be an exciting place for any photographer. I love the chance to photograph the unfamiliar while traveling, but on my recent trip to Chicago I found myself utterly overwhelmed by the possibilities.

Interestingly, I had no problem taking photos for Facebook or Instagram with my iPhone. It was a great way to document everywhere I was going because I knew that everywhere would be geotagged. The problem was, I also knew that by leaving my DSLR tucked away in its bag I was missing out on a huge opportunity for creative fulfillment.

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Promotional Video for Flower and Garden Showcase at the Garden Factory

2014 Flower & Garden Showcase from Garden Factory on Vimeo.
For HD please watch on Vimeo.

Client: Garden Factory
Location: Rochester, NY
Footage: Canon 60D, Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen
Shooting Duration: 2-hours on-site, plus photos from client

I captured this video at the 2013 Flower and Garden Showcase to promote this year’s event.

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Cobbs Hill Photography with Ashley at Dusk

A few months ago, Ashley transferred to the Apple Store. She’s always positive and fun to work with, so I was excited when she agreed to come along for a photography shoot the other evening.

Photographing in Late Evening

We both worked until 6:30, and had to separately eat, change and grab the camera gear. I also picked up Alicia and she came along as my assistant for the evening. The sun was already surprisingly low in the sky for mid summer, yet I knew we’d make something from the light that was left. I had brought all of my fastest lenses along and I wasn’t afraid to push the ISO if I had to.

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Videos of the Model Trains at the Garden Factory at Night

This time of year the Garden Factory assembles its massive train display from around Thanksgiving to Christmas. Every day, the large G-gauge trains roar to life and crawl, race or chug around the massive display, entertaining kids of all ages. I include myself in this group because I am a huge train buff and I still own many model trains that I’ll hopefully put back in motion someday soon.

Most people see these trains during the day, but there is a much more intimate and magical time to experience the railroad display.

The Trains by Night

Last Friday I returned to the display after dark and spent two hours with the trains. I captured almost a half hour of high-definition footage of a handful of trains from every angle. The whole layout is softly lit from above to simulate a full moon. Miniature lights illuminate buildings, street lamps and billboards, and an incredible drive in theatre display glows brightly.

Experience the Magic of a G Scale Gold Train

This video follows the gold mining train as it departs the town, scales a mountain, crosses a long trestle, and enters a tunnel. The train reappears briefly before dashing back into the mountainside, later to reemerge back in town moments later.

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Exciting Changes at High Falls and Genesee Brewery

Today I drove down to the High Falls area to check out Greentopia with Alicia and her sister. Turns out we were a week early. Ooops.

No big deal because today was the most beautiful day of the entire summer. Upper sixties, completely clear skies, a light breeze. One of those perfect days where you can just feel that it’s transitioning between summer and fall. A perfect day for some sightseeing in our very own Rochester.

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How to Photograph Your Garden at Night

Recently I took some after photographs of a garden wall installation for a local Rochester landscape design firm. I arrived early in the afternoon to take the photos, which isn’t typically the most ideal time of day. Midday lighting can create harsh shadows or a washed-out image. I figured that it wouldn’t matter too much because these were just meant to show of the installation, not be a work of art.

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