Landscaping by Stonewood and Waters

How to Photograph Your Garden at Night

Recently I took some after photographs of a garden wall installation for a local¬†Rochester landscape design firm. I arrived early in the afternoon to take the photos, which isn’t typically the most ideal time of day. Midday lighting can create harsh shadows or a washed-out image. I figured that it wouldn’t matter too much because these were just meant to show of the installation, not be a work of art.

Gaining New Perspective: Let a Child Use Your Camera

Recently I haven’t been feeling very creative. I bring my camera with me everywhere I go and take plenty of pictures, but something just doesn’t work out for me. It’s not fresh. It’s no longer spontaneous. I’m bogged down in composition rules, exposure guidelines, settings, dials, buttons. Technically speaking my photography is better, but after a decade behind the lens it can feel hard to see things creatively.